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6 APRIL 2023

The OPA Iftar Night – 2023 was successfully held on the night of Sat, 01 Apr 2023 at the OPA Building, Saujana Resort. Present were 350 OPs or so, members and non-members of OPA; some with their wives and children. Most of the OPs were from the 1980s and 1990s intakes.

The OPA President, OP Baharudin bin Mahyuddin, (F Coy; 1977-1979) and nine OPA Committee Members, some with their wives, were present. Amongst the OPs present were seven OPs from the FMC Port Dickson intakes led by OP Mohd Radzi bin Sheikh Ahmad, (F Coy; 1957-1960). Mention must be made on the presence of OP Azmizam bin Zaman Huri, (A Coy; 1986-1990), ADUN Port Klang and 10 OPs (2021-2022) who are now undergoing their foundation course at UPNM, Sungai Besi. There were no guests per se nor were the Present Puteras invited for the night. Five non-Muslim OPs did turn up to join the Muslim OPs for the “berbuka puasa”.

Due to the big number who registered to attend, the “berbuka puasa” was held under tents erected on the road in front of the OPA Building; the “Solat Maghrib/Isyak/Terawih” were held in the lobby area of the building. The OPA Penthouse was not big enough to accommodate the big number registered attending.

17 intakes, namely Brats 96-99, Culprits 95-98, Autocrats 97-00, RV 94-95, R7 86-90, BSS 95- R12, RX Class of 1993, Retrogrades 01-04, RXI 90-94, OP 83-85, R5 86-88, Black Scorpion 81-85, R3 83-86, OP 93-94 and FMC PD 52-61, made their contributions. A number of individual OPs, including OP Ungku Mohsin bin Ungku Ahmad, (D Coy; 1977-1979) also contributed to the cost of the Iftar Night. A sum of RM10,100.00 was received.

Those attending started to arrive at 1830 hours to meet each other, to acquaint anew and to reminisce the good old days in RMC. “Berbuka Puasa” was at 1925 hours on the call of “Azan Maghrib”. After the breaking of the fast, OPs then moved individually to the lobby to perform their “Solat Maghrib”. BB Mohamad bin Sham, (H Coy; 1960-1963) ably led the first group for the “Maghrib” prayer.

The “berbuka puasa” was over “kurma”, some cut fruits, “kueh-mueh” and “murtabak” whilst the dinner proper was over “nasi putih”, “ayam goreng”, “daging masak lemak NS”, “sayur campur”, “ikan masin goreng” and/or “nasi hujan panas” and “roasted kambing cutlets”. Cold cordial drinks and “nescafe tarik” were also made available. The only problem was that the OPs, their wives and children had to line up to take their food, reminisced of their good old days in RMC.

Solat Isyak” was at 2032 hours, followed by “Solat Terawih” at the lobby. The “Solat Isyak” was led by OP Shahzainol bin Azim, (G Coy; 1986-1990) and the “Solat Terawih” by OP Asfani bin Musa, (D Coy; 1986-1990). Many of the OPs who brought along their wives and children for the “berbuka puasa” left before the “Solat Isyak”. Only 50 OPs or so stayed on for the “moreh” after “Solat Terawih” to continue their “cerita-cerita”. It was not until 2300 hours that all OPs and their families left the OPA Building.

All in all, it was another successful event organised by the OPA, bringing OPs of various intakes, young and old, together over a religious occasion. Thank you to all who attended; to the intakes and individuals who contributed to the cost of the Iftar night. Thank you to the OPA President, to OP Noor Mohamad Hazman bin Hamid, (E Coy; 1993-1994), Chairman of the Iftar Sub-Committee and his members for organising the event.

We look forward to the next OPA activity – the OPA “Hari Raya Aidilfitri” Open House, to be held on the date and venue to be notified. Hope more OPs, young and old, and their families will attend.

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