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OpA EXCO Alignment meeting with the new Commandant of the RMC

The OPA would like to express our appreciation to the RMC Commandant for his attendance at the recent OPA Executive Commitee (EXCO) meeting, held on the 2nd of Feb 2024 at 2000 hrs at the OPA Penthouse meeting room. As the newly appointed Commandant of our alma mater, his insights and vision are crucial to the ongoing collaboration between RMC and OPA.

During the Commandant’s insightful presentation, it became evident that the interests and objectives of RMC align seamlessly with those of OPA. Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between the two entities, OPA is dedicated to actively contributing to the preservation of RMC’s values, unique character, and prestigious standing.

The EXCO members are committed to supporting his vision for advancing RMC to the next level. This collaboration is integral to the mutual success and growth of both organizations.

The Commandant were made feel free to reach out if further discussion or collaboration is required. The OPA appreciates his leadership and look forward to a continued positive partnership.

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