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13 APRIL 2023

It is commonly assumed that relations between immediate Intakes of the Royal Military College (RMC) are not that cordial, perhaps because of the junior intake having to endure tough rigour handed down unto them by their seniors.

However, such an assumption has been successfully debunked by Intake ’69 and Intake ’70 through them having joint annual Buka Puasa and Golf Tournament. The Joint Buka Puasa event started in 1995, with both Intakes alternating as Host.

On 2nd April 2023, both Intakes organized their annual Buka Puasa event for 2023 at the Old Putera Association’s (OPA) Building.

22 Old Puteras (OPs) from Intake ’69 attended. Inclusive of spouses, children and grandchildren, the total came to 52. 24 OPs from Intake ’70, accompanied by 12 Spouses and children were present.

In addition, we had one of our most loved lady teacher, Puan Jamaliah (Kak Jam) as well as her husband, Col Nik Zainin, who was the then Adjutant at the RMC during our time at the College, as our Invited Guests.

Thus, a grand total of 90 individuals were present at this auspicious occasion.

Being the ever gracious Host, Intake ‘69 had one of them to fully sponsor the meals while the 2 lambs (kambings) were contributed by all of them. Another Intake ’69 OP also brought along fruits from his orchard.

The event commenced with the arrival of OPs and their Families from 6.30 pm onwards. From thence on, the genial camaraderie amongst OPs upon meeting each other radiated. Even the ladies jived into the jovial atmosphere amongst themselves.

Buka Puasa followed at 7.23 pm and light meal was prepared. We then proceeded for Maghrib Prayers, led by OP Wan Pauzi Yahya of Intake ’70. This was followed by Dinner. One could notice the unique brotherly bonding between those who were once “ragged” with those who “ragged” them!

A positive anomaly, indeed.

Isya’ and Tarawih Prayers were led by OP Abdul Ghaffur Ramli from Intake ‘69. Upon completion a flurry of group and Intake pictures were taken. This followed a short speech by OP Abu Hashim Mohd Ali (Rtd) thanking all who attended and the kind sponsors.

He also quipped: “I wish all Intake ’70 Brothers celebrating their 69th birthdays and ’69ers celebrating their 70th birthdays a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”
What a unique wish, indeed!

OP Abdul Aziz Abdullah, representative of Intake ’70, took over the microphone to express Intake ‘70’s sincere thanks for the superb hospitality extended to his Mates by Intake ’69 and did mention the “2 kambings” as being exceptional. He also indicated that for 2024, In syaa Allah, the date of 17th March has been determined to be the Buka Puasa to be hosted by Intake ’70 – this date coincides with the 80th Birthday of Kak Jam!

Indeed, both Intakes truly look forward to such gatherings as a means of rekindling strong camaraderie and kinship, knowing fully well that, at our current age (some 70, some 69 years old), we never know who will still be around the following year.

All in all, it was a superb get together, with mouth-watering delicacies, convivial atmosphere and genuine brotherly bonding.

Looking forward to our Joint Golf Competition and Buka Puasa 2024!

Written by – OP Capt Abdul Aziz Abdullah 1970;A-Coy

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