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The OP Idle 2024 – Karaoke Contest, Heat 1, was organized by the OPA and the organizing sub-committee lead by OP Asfani and the dedicated committee members: OP Chua, OP Joherman, OP Richard, and OP Nik Rizal, with the valuable assistance of OP Omar, the General Manager.

The rehearsal held on 3 Jan 2024 at 8 pm provided an opportunity to brief the contestants about the upcoming competition. The session was well-attended, with 20 enthusiastic participants eager to showcase their singing talents.

The main event commenced on time at 8:30 pm on 6 Jan 2024, following the opening speech by Chairman OP Asfani. The singing performances lasted until 11:30 pm, showcasing the diverse talents of the contestants. A total of 24 contestants took part.

A distinguished panel of judges, led by OP Chua, OP Joherman, and including Sazzy Falak and Mr. Alexis, diligently evaluated the contestants’ performances.

The competition featured two categories, the OP Category and the OP Family Category, each recognizing the outstanding talents among the OPs and their families.

OP Category:

OP Shukri – 1st Place

OP Yusmal – 2nd Place

OP Shahidan – 3rd Place

OP Family Category:

Shawzy Sazeli – 1st Place

CT Zaleha – 2nd Place

Fyzza – 3rd Place

The event concluded seamlessly at midnight, with the judges taking 30 minutes to tabulate the results. The entire OP community thoroughly enjoyed the performances, creating a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

To add a unique touch to future events, incorporating live streaming or interactive voting through a dedicated app could amplify audience engagement. This could also provide an avenue for broader participation, even beyond the immediate OP community.

This time however, we had hundreds watching our livestream, as witnessed by OP Rombi who was handling the streaming camera.

In conclusion, the OP Idle 2024 – Karaoke Contest, Heat 1, not only showcased the remarkable talents within the community but also demonstrated the success of a OP camaraderie to put up an organized and entertaining event. Looking forward, incorporating interactive elements could elevate future editions and contribute to a more memorable experience for all participants.

Written by – OP Asfani Musa, Chairman, OP Idle 2024 Organizing Committee

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