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15 JUNE 2023

In an exciting development for rugby enthusiasts at the Royal Military College (RMC), the OPA Exco (Old Putera Association Executive Committee) has unanimously agreed to support a proposed five-year program aimed at enhancing rugby development. The initiative, put forth by the Parent-Teacher Association of RMC (PIBG), has garnered significant attention and support. As a result, the OPA has taken a bold step by sponsoring a crucial training tool, the Scrum Machine, for the Puteras’ training program. This momentous decision will undoubtedly shape the future of rugby at RMC and fortify the strong bonds within the OPA community.

The PIBG’s proposal to bolster RMC’s rugby development program has captured the attention of stakeholders within the OPA, highlighting their unwavering commitment to the growth and advancement of the sport. Recognizing the immense potential and positive impact of this initiative, the OPA Exco has pledged their wholehearted support to help make it a resounding success.

One of the key components of any rugby team’s training regimen is mastering the art of scrummaging. Understanding the importance of this fundamental skill, the OPA has decided to sponsor a Scrum Machine for the Puteras’ training program. This state-of-the-art equipment will enable the team to refine their scrummaging technique, enhance their strength and coordination, and ultimately elevate their performance on the field.

The responsibility of leading the Puteras’ training program falls on the capable shoulders of Op Azli 87 and Cik Gu Dulang, whose extensive experience and expertise in rugby coaching make them ideal choices for this role. Their dedication and passion for the sport will undoubtedly inspire and motivate the young athletes to reach new heights of excellence.

The OPA’s sponsorship of the Scrum Machine not only demonstrates their commitment to supporting the development of rugby at RMC but also highlights the enduring camaraderie within the OPA community. This generous contribution serves as a reminder of the unwavering bond shared by RMC alumni, who continue to be actively involved in the growth and success of the college.

The decision by the OPA Exco to sponsor a Scrum Machine for the Puteras’ training program is a pivotal moment in the history of rugby at RMC. Through this act of support, the OPA has not only bolstered the capabilities of the team but also sent a strong message of encouragement and unity. As the proposed five-year program takes shape, the future of rugby at RMC appears brighter than ever. The OPA’s unwavering commitment to fostering excellence in the sport is a testament to the enduring spirit and camaraderie within the RMC community. With Op Azli 87 and Cik Gu Dulang leading the charge, the Puteras are poised to rise to new heights, propelled by the invaluable support and guidance provided by the OPA. Together, they are set to carve a path of triumph and glory, exemplifying the true spirit of teamwork and determination in the pursuit of rugby excellence.

Report by

OP Hariharan (Hotel; 2014-2015)

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