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18 DECEMBER 1989

Today on 18 December 1989, three of our FMC PD Budak Boys were among 16 officers and men killed when the Nuri Helicopter they were in crash landed onto the river bank of Sungai Lundu, near Kuala Bandang, Sarawak

The three Budak Boys killed were:

1. Mej Jen Dato’ Mustaffa bin Awang, (51; Wat Coy; 1954-1955), GOC 1st Infantry Division, based in Kuching, Sarawak.

2. Brig Jen Dato’ Hasbullah bin Yusof, (47; E Coy; 1957-1960), Commander 3rd Infantry Brigade, based in Kuching, Sarawak.

3. Lt Kol Mohd Johari bin Selan, (44; H Coy; 1960-1962), Commanding Officer, 5th Renjer Battalion, based in Bau, Sarawak.

Mej Jen Mustaffa was to go to Kem Semantan to officially close a Combat Intelligence course and to meet the course participants. Due to the weather, the flight was delayed for about an hour before taking off.

When the helicopter was in the Kg Kuala Bandang area, 60 km from Kuching, the weather turned bad with heavy rain, strong wind and lightening. The helicopter was forced to crash land, landed on the bank of the river mouth, killing all the 16 officers and men, including the helicopter pilot and crew.

Let us remember this day and the sacrifices these 16 officers and men had made, ending in their tragic death, 33 years ago. Let us hope that their families have all been well taken care of.


Prepared By:
OP Nawawi Mat Desa
(F Coy; 1959-1961)
18 December 2022