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15 JUN 2023

The annual OP Cadets Farewell Dinner @ UPNM is an eagerly anticipated event that brings together graduates and future officers from various services. Organized exclusively for OP Cadets, this gathering serves as a platform to honor the achievements of the graduating batch and bid them farewell as they embark on their journeys as commissioned officers. This blog post highlights the essence of this remarkable event, the commendable accomplishments of the cadets.

The OP Cadets Dinner is a night filled with celebration, camaraderie, and gratitude. It is a time to recognize the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of the cadets who have successfully completed their studies at the esteemed university. As they prepare to take on their roles as officers in various services, this event offers an opportunity for them to gather one last time as a batch and bid farewell to their fellow cadets, mentors, and university.

During the event, the President of the Old Putera Association (OPA) addresses the attendees and expresses congratulations and appreciation for the achievements of the graduating cadets. This includes acknowledging the exceptional performances of individuals who have excelled academically, demonstrated leadership qualities, and exhibited outstanding character throughout their time at the university. Notably, this year’s best cadet, though not an OP Cadet, is recognized for their exceptional accomplishments.

The President also takes a moment to express gratitude to the mentors and educators who have played a significant role in shaping the cadets’ success. The dedicated teaching faculty and esteemed commandant of the university are recognized for their guidance, knowledge, and commitment to nurturing the cadets’ development. Their expertise and mentorship have contributed immensely to the achievements of the graduating batch.

As part of the evening’s proceedings, the President emphasizes the importance of joining the Old Putera Association as a member. This association serves as a support network for OPs, facilitating lifelong connections, professional development opportunities, and continued engagement with the alma mater. New graduates are encouraged to register as members during the event, with special offers and gifts awaiting those who choose to do so.

The President concludes the speech by reiterating congratulations to all the graduating cadets and expressing pride in their accomplishments. They offer well wishes for their future endeavors and encourage them to continue serving the nation with dedication and excellence. As the OP Cadets move forward, it is hoped that they will carry the spirit of camaraderie and the values instilled during their time at the university, making a positive impact within their respective services and beyond..

The annual OP Cadets Dinner @ UPNM is a testament to the commitment, resilience, and achievements of the graduating batch. It serves as a fitting tribute to their hard work and dedication, providing an opportunity for celebration and gratitude. As these cadets embark on their journey as commissioned officers, the OPA remains a valuable resource for continued growth, connection, and support. The event stands as a reminder of the strong bond forged within the OP Cadets community and the collective pursuit of excellence in service to the beloved nation, Malaysia.

Report By

OP Hariharan (H Coy; 2014-2015)

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