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OPA Chinese new year celebration 2023

04 FEBRUARY 2023

The OPA recently hosted Chinese New Year celebration a night of traditional performances and celebration on 4th February 2023. Guests were welcomed with drinks upon their arrival at 6:00 PM, creating a lively atmosphere from the start.

The night kicked off with a traditional lion dance performance, taking center stage. The lion dance is believed to bring good luck and fortune, making it the perfect addition to the evening’s celebrations. The venue came alive with the sound of drumming, setting the tone for a memorable evening.

Lion Dance Performance at OPA Foyer

Next, the audience was left in awe as a captivating fire & dance show took the stage at 6:15 PM. The combination of fire and dance showcased the talent of skilled performer, adding to the festive atmosphere of the evening.

Fire & Dance show at OPA Foyer

The highlight of the night was the Yee Sang tossing ceremony at 7:50 PM, followed by dinner. Yee Sang is a traditional dish served during Chinese New Year and is said to bring good luck and prosperity. Guests had the opportunity to participate in the tossing ceremony, adding to the festive atmosphere of the evening.

As the night progressed, a presentation of Ang Pow was held. Ang Pow is a traditional red packet filled with money that is given during Chinese New Year as a symbol of good luck and blessings. The presentation of Ang Pow added an extra touch of excitement to the already lively atmosphere.

Ang Pow was presented to unmarried & single OPs by OP Tan Pau Son.

After the presentation of Ang Pow, guests were invited to unwind and enjoy the rest of the night at their leisure. A karaoke session was available for those who wished to sing and have some fun. The party continued till late, providing guests with the opportunity to make memories and celebrate the new year in style.

The OPA Building was the perfect venue for a night of traditional performances and celebration. From the lion dance performance to the karaoke session, guests had a fantastic time. The night celebrated prosperity and provided guests with memories that will last a lifetime.

Written by – OP Hariharan (H14-15)