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OPA Health talk : The blue pill – let’s keep “it” up !

04 MARCH 2023

30 or so OPs, (members and non-members of the OPA) and three wives attended the health talk organised by the OPA on Sat, 4 Mar 2023 at the OPA Penthouse, OPA Building, Saujana Resort. The programme started with breakfast at 1000 hours and ended with lunch at 1230 hours. Present were the OPA President and five Committee Members. Amongst those present were three OPs from the FMC PD (1952-1961) intakes.

The guest speaker was OP Zainal Adwin, (F Coy; 1997-2000; SUO B Coy – 2000) with OP Raja Ahmad Shahrul Raja Abd Malek, (D Coy; 1986-1990) as moderator and OP Zulkhibri Mohammed, (G Coy; 1987-1991), our OPA Honorary Secretary I as the MC.

OP Zainal Adwin is Consultant Urologist & Robotic Surgeon, Faculty of Medicine, UiTM & UiTM Private Specialist Centre. His main focus are on Prostate Cancer, Kidney Stones and Men’s Health.

OP Raja Ahmad Shahrul is a Family Medicine Specialist and is with Beacon International Specialist Centre, Petaling Jaya.

The session went on for nearly two hours on two interesting topics:

1. Prostate Problems n Solutions

2. Erection Problems n Solutions.

On prostate, he explained what is prostate, its symptoms, the PSA testing and the treatment options available. On erection, he spoke on the factors related to erection, the physical and emotional factors and the treatment options available.

Very interesting and relevant topics to the OPs who were present; some, if not all were facing the above two problems. Many questions were raised by those attending and were well advised by OP Zainal Adwin in response. If members have problems on the above two, do contact OP Zainal Adwin at 012-3817084.

The session ended with a beautiful lunch, contributions from those who attended. The talk also provided the occasion for OPs, young and old, to meet each other, some for the first time.

Our thank you to OP Zainal Adwin for his professional presentation, ala pro bono, well supported with clear power-point slides; to OP Raja Ahmad Shahrul for ably moderating the talk and to OP Zulkhibri for ensuring that the session started on time after breakfast and ended on time for lunch.

Well done to the OPA President and Committee for organising such a programme, as part of our OPA activities in making the OPA relevant. Hope more OPA members will turn up at such programme in the future.

Written by – OP Nawawi Mat Desa (F Coy; 1959-1961)

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