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18 MARCH 2023

28 FMC/RMC “G” Company OPs (two not in the above photo) and two wives attended the FMC/RMC “G” Company Get-Together over lunch at the Lake Club, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 18 Mar 2023. Another four OPs did register to attend but had to withdraw due to last minute event which they had to attend at the same time. The get-together was organised by OP Mohd Hamzah bin Mohd Pilus, (G Coy; 1961-1964) and OP Hooi Weng Yin, (G Coy; 1961- 1964). The lunch was sponsored by OP Raja Aman bin Raja Ahmad, (G Coy; 1960-1961).

Last year, the FMC/RMC “G” Company OPs held their get-together over the Hari Raya Aidilfitri on 23 Jul 2022 in Taman Permata, Ulu Klang. 40 or so FMC/RMC “G” Company OPs and guests attended the get-together.

Amongst the 14 older OPs present this year were OP Mohd Muslim bin Ayob, (G Coy; 1954- 1958), OP Frank Bel1tran, (G Coy; 1956-1959), OP Salleh bin Mohd Nor, (G Coy; 1957-1960), OP Choo Choon Yeow, (1958-1962) and OP Jagjit Singh, (G Coy; 1960-1963), who all joined FMC in Port Dickson (1952-1961). Amongst the five old OPs present were OP Samsuddin bin Osman, (G Coy; 1962-1965), OP Nasir bin Hashim, (G Coy; 1963-1965) and OP John, K. J., (G Coy: 1965-1968), who all joined FMC in Sungai Besi before it became RMC. Amongst the nine not so old OPs present were OP Mohd Tawfik bin Ismail, (1967-1968), OP Jomo K. Sundram, (G Coy; 1967-1970), OP Hisham bin Harun Hashim, (G Coy; 1970-1973) and OP Tay Un Soo, (G Coy; 1971-1974), who all joined in RMC Sungai Besi. Amongst the young OPs present were OP Amerul Muner bin Mohamad, (G Coy; 1983-1985), OP Mohd Khairil bn Mohd Kassim, (1984-1988), who joined RMC in Sungai Besi. The youngest OP present was OP Zulkhibri bin Mohammed, (G Coy; 1987-1991), OPA Honorary Secretary I. Unfortunately there were no really young OPs (G Coy; Intakes 2000 to 2021), who were present.

The OPs started to arrive at the Lake Club as early as 1200 hours before the lunch proper, to recognise each other and to “cerita-cerita” the good old days in “G” Company in FMC/RMC. It was not until 1500 hours that they all left the hall after the lunch.

OP Samsuddin Osman, OP Khairuddin Piah, OP Raja Aman, OP Jomo, OP Ramli Idris, OP Shuhaimi Ghani

Lunch was served at 1230 hours when the majority of them have arrived, ala Malay buffet lunch – “Nasi Putih”, “Kari Ayam”, “Asam Pedas Ikan”, “Sayur Campur” and “Mee Goreng” plus fruits and drinks; sumptuous and good enough for the lunch.

OP Mohd Muslim, SUO G Company – 1958, recalled his days in “G” Company in FMC Port Dickson with all the OPs present. OP Salleh, SUO “G” Company – 1960, thanked all present for their turn-out and thanked OP Raja Aman for sponsoring the lunch. He hope that the FMC/RMC “G” Company get-together would continue to be held from time to time.

OP Mohd Muslim Ayob, SUO G 1958

OP Salleh Mohd Nor, SUO G 1960

All in all, the get-together was a success, served its purpose and in a way supported the activities of the OPA in getting fellow OPs to get together. Our thank you to all who were present and to OP Mohd Hamzah and OP Hooi Weng Yin for organising the get-together.

We look forward to the FMC/RMC “G” Company OPs getting together on another occasion, with more OPs attending.

Reported by – OP Zulkhibri bin Mohammed (G Coy; 1987-1991)

Legal Minds of G Company – OP Jagjit & OP Hisham
OP Muslim, OP Samsudin Osman (former KSN), Dorren, OP Frank Beltran, OP Ramli Idris, OP Suhaimi Ghani, OP Nasir Hashim (former ADUN Kota Damansara)
From Right – OP Salleh Mohd Nor & Wife, OP Jalalludin, OP Hooi Weng Yin
OP Jomo, OP Tawfik Ismail, OP KJ John, OP Tay Un Soo
OP Zulkhibri Mohammed, OP Jomo & OP Amerul Muner

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