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21 MARCH 2023

The OPA Education & Career Path Sharing Session with OP Grauers 2021 was held on the 21st of March at Kasturi Cafe, UPNM. The event was attended by 66 OP Grauers, the OPA President, OP Mustapha Omar, the Exco OP Rozaidie and General Manager OP Omar Sharif.

The session started with a dinner sponsored by OPA, followed by a talk by the OPA President. The President introduced the Association and the Exco and explained the OPA network and responsibilities. He also highlighted the activities and benefits of members, as well as the CSR initiatives for young OPs.

Exco OP Rozaidie emphasized the importance of being an OPA member and shared the registration and payment methods suitable for student OPs. The President also advised on the current competitive fields for the job market and education aid and scholarships for SPM leavers, especially for young OPs. He encouraged them to remain focused on their studies and strive for academic excellence.

During the session, young OPs raised various issues and problems, which were addressed by OP Mustapha, who assisted in solving some of the issues. Other issues were forwarded to the respective UPNM officer in charge for further assistance.

Overall, the OPA Education & Career Path Sharing Session with OP Grauers 2021 was a success, and it provided young OPs with valuable insights into the job market and education opportunities. It also allowed them to network and connect with other OP Grauers and OPA members. For those who missed the event, they can still join OPA and benefit from its initiatives and activities.

Written by – Exco OP Hariharan (14-15;H)

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